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IST Talent Hunt Program (ITHP)

Institute of Space Technology (IST) came into existence in 2002 with the aim to provide state-of-the-art teaching and research environment, thus enabling students to acquire and imbue knowledge, skills and inclination to address complex engineering problems, an acute requirement in the engineering profession.
In pursuit of this objective IST is offering a unique opportunity for Pakistani youth by offering a Talent Hunt Program (ITHP). This program will help the prospective university students to get a glimpse of what to expect when going to engineering education.
The program has been designed to give the participating students a head start by imparting in them key skills that will enable them to take on the engineering education in a better way.
The students will be offered several hand on workshops targeted towards polishing their technical as well as non-technical skills. The highlights of the offered program are 
  1. Technical Skill Development
    1. Mathematical Problem Analysis using MATLAB
    2. Algorithm Design
  2. Hands-on Training on Engineering Equipment
    1. Hardware Implementation
    2. Workshop Practice
    3. Engineering Development Platforms
  3.  Communications Skill Development
    1.  Presentation Making and Delivery
  4.  Aptitude Analysis
  5.  Mentoring of Students
  6.  Parents Counseling
  7. Social Event

Duration of the program: 2 weeks
Start Date: 2 July 2018