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Quality Enhancement Cell - Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad

During recent years, the realization of need for quality assurance in higher education has become a global phenomenon. Pakistan also felt the need to assess and improve the quality of higher education with the objectives of achieving international competitiveness and compatibility of our academic programs and research quality.

Quality Assurance is the means through which an institution can guarantee with confidence and certainty, that the standards of its educational provision are being maintained and enhanced.

Quality enhancement is taking deliberate steps to bring about continual improvement in the effectiveness of the learning experience of students. In QE there is greater emphasis on Internal QA and the encouragement of an institutional “Quality Culture.”

Developing an internal quality assurance mechanism in every institution is highly important. This acts as a sustainable base for External Quality Monitoring. Self Assessment, being one of the tools used for achieving Quality Assurance is conducted by the institution itself. It is meant to assess whether the existing programs are able to meet the educational objectives and outcomes with the purpose and aims of improving the outcomes and outputs of the education system.

Institute of Space Technology (IST) has always been in the forefront for accepting and adapting best practices in the field of Education. Recognizing the role that it has to play in higher education sector, IST has established a Quality Enhancement Cell. This cell has the responsibility to ensure that the university’s quality assurance procedures are compatible with international standards and are designed to improve the quality of higher education.