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One Day Workshop on Composites Design Optimization and Analysis

Although composite materials and sandwich structures impart exceptionally high degree of physical and mechanical properties to aerospace structural systems, their anisotropic nature makes their design, analysis and repairs procedures highly complex. To achieve safe, reliable and efficient flight operations, the analysts and designers need to have a sound knowledge and firm grasp of the underlying principles of the structural response of composite laminates to different types of aerodynamic loadings.  Doublers are commonly used in launch vehicles to strengthen composite sandwich facesheet defects, such as gouges or depressions, because they locally increase the strength of the facesheet. Therefore, the doubler’s influence on the overall extensional and bending stiffness of the sandwich can be significant.

This one day workshop aims to provide the knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of composite materials to permit their efficient application in aerospace and space vehicle systems through oral presentation. It will explore the use of finite element based OptiStruct, HyperWorks’ and other software systems to optimize the size and shape of a composite doubler to enhance structural integrity of launch vehicles through Video Conference.

Primary Topics

  • Advantages and design opportunities offered by composite materials 
  • Micromechanical and laminated plate theory analysis.
  • Good design practices in composites   
  • Concept design synthesis for composites in Space Launch Vehicles 
  • Modeling and analysis of laminated structures 
  • Size & shape optimization of composite sandwich structures


  • Dr Zaffar M. Khan, Director General (Research, Innovation & Commercialization) and Professor,
    Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad (Principal Organizer).
  • Dr. Robert Yancay, Vice President, Aerospace Solutions, Altair, USA.
  • Mr. Tim Harrell, Structure Engineer, United Launch Vehicles, USA.