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S No.NameSizeDateHitsDownload
1Sensor, Ceilometer, Lidar and Rain Radar134.5 KB29-Jul-2190Download
2Procurement of Meter122.5 KB19-Jul-21345Download
3Tender for Analyzer137 KB19-Jul-21352Download
4AUCTION NOTICE-IST-2021-22 0140.59 KB19-Jul-2156Download
5CORRIGENDUM(Analyzer, Meter)39.5 KB19-Jul-2178Download
6Tender for Furnace123 KB16-Jul-21157Download
7Tender Notice 15-July-2155.5 KB16-Jul-2190Download
8Tender for Vickers Hardness Tester
108.5 KB16-Jul-21133Download
9Tender for Portable Hardness Tester
110 KB16-Jul-21126Download
10Tender for Creep/Stress Rupture Testing Machine
126.5 KB16-Jul-21121Download
11Tender for Camera
107.5 KB16-Jul-2195Download
12Construction of Girls Hostel building at IST Islamabad
under the HEC Umbrella Project- Provision of Accommodation Facilities for female students in public sector universities
97 KB16-Jul-2152Download
13SOLAR ARRAY SIMULATOR586.44 KB08-Jul-21227Download
14Tender Notice33.17 KB08-Jul-21189Download
15Construction of Connecting Road at IST, Islamabad43.5 KB30-Jun-2194Download
16Tender for UPS
111 KB28-Jun-21216Download
17Tender for Soil Moisture Sensor
107.5 KB28-Jun-21162Download
18Tender Notice327.11 KB28-Jun-21136Download
19Procurement of Nao ROBOTS122.5 KB28-Jun-21166Download
20Tender for LED TV, VIDEO CONFERENCING UNIT88.5 KB24-Jun-21147Download
21Tender for Furniture Items1.06 MB24-Jun-21149Download
22Furnishings for Establishment of ORIC Offices at IST44.5 KB23-Jun-2175Download
23Tender for Mattress
97 KB23-Jun-21101Download
24Tender Documents for Janitorial Services269.5 KB21-Jun-21210Download
25Tender for Software119.5 KB18-Jun-21177Download
26Tender for FTIR Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy128.5 KB18-Jun-21143Download
27Tender Notice - 15-06-2150 KB16-Jun-21347Download
28Tender for Camera and Drone
113 KB14-Jun-21244Download
29Tender for Misc. IT Items
128.5 KB14-Jun-21271Download
30Tender for Bunk Bed
98.5 KB14-Jun-21144Download
31Tender for Weather Station – Met Sensors125.5 KB11-Jun-21168Download
32Tender Notice - Weather Station49 KB09-Jun-21198Download
33Tender for UPS
114.5 KB09-Jun-21249Download
34Tender for Misc. Furniture items
103 KB09-Jun-21141Download
35Tender for Misc. Furniture items
101 KB09-Jun-21120Download
36Tender Notice-28-Jun-21342.6 KB09-Jun-21135Download
37Procurement of Programmable Logic Controller and Actuator124.5 KB07-Jun-21160Download
38Procurement of P3AT MOBILE ROBOTS128.5 KB07-Jun-2197Download
39Tender Notice - 02-06-2151.5 KB02-Jun-21287Download
40Tender for Fiber Optic & Fiber Patch
113.5 KB02-Jun-21202Download
41Tender for Access Point, License & WLAN Controller
138.5 KB02-Jun-21210Download
42Tender for Computers
123.5 KB01-Jun-21210Download
43Tender for Misc. I.T. Items
128 KB01-Jun-21274Download
44Tender for Misc. Workstation
126 KB01-Jun-21167Download
45Tender for Misc. Electronics Items
130.5 KB01-Jun-21230Download
46Tender for Computers
121.5 KB01-Jun-21189Download
47Tender for Software122.5 KB28-May-21271Download
48Tender for Software 728.33 KB28-May-21232Download
49Tender Notice - IST Karachi 31.67 KB28-May-21173Download
50Tender Notice - 26-05-2149 KB26-May-21244Download
51Supply and Installation of Air Conditioners at New Library & ORIC Offices at IST26-May-21174
52Procurement of Solar Telescope with Accessories, Telescope138 KB24-May-21211Download
53Procurement of Max-Doas121.5 KB22-May-21111Download
54Procurement of GNSS Receiver126.5 KB22-May-21156Download
55Procurement of Telescope123 KB22-May-21148Download
56Procurement of Meter125 KB22-May-21145Download
57Tender for Drone124.5 KB22-May-21136Download
58Tender Notice - 19-05-2155 KB19-May-21221Download
59Interior Works / Civil Works for Establishment of ORIC Offices at IST44 KB18-May-21113Download
60Tender for Software
108 KB06-May-21222Download
61Tender for Printer
107.5 KB06-May-21240Download
62Tender for Misc. Quadcopter
117 KB06-May-21145Download
63Tender for Misc. Development Board
117 KB06-May-21187Download
64Tender for Meter
108 KB06-May-21213Download
65Tender for Load Balancer
LIT # 2021-182
108 KB06-May-21159Download
66Tender for GPS & Physical Balance(Digital)
111 KB06-May-21130Download
67Tender for GNSS RTK Application Kit
108.5 KB06-May-21164Download
68Tender for Computers
123 KB06-May-21167Download
69Tender Notice384.67 KB06-May-21136Download
70Sensor , Ceilometer, Lidar and Rain Radar-1588215.02 KB03-May-21191Download
71Tender for UPS
111 KB03-May-21205Download
72Tender for Misc. Tables
101.5 KB03-May-21172Download
73Tender Notice - 28-Apr-2153 KB03-May-21134Download
74Tender Notice240.04 KB20-Apr-21296Download
75Tender for Software201.1 KB20-Apr-21194Download
76Tender for Furniture / Furnishings for Establishment of New Library at IST2.18 MB19-Apr-21254Download
77Interior Works / Civil Works for Establishment of New Library at IST15-Apr-21173
78Tender for Probe Thin Film Analyser
LIT # 2021-132
108 KB12-Apr-21201Download
79Tender for Magnetometer
LIT # 2021-127
109 KB12-Apr-21152Download
80Tender for Lathe Machine
93.5 KB12-Apr-21162Download
81Tender for Furniture Items
103 KB12-Apr-21180Download
82Tender for Eddy Current Test & Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector
96 KB12-Apr-21136Download
83Tender Notice - 12-Apr-2155 KB12-Apr-21161Download
84Tender for Thermoelectric Properties Measurement System123.5 KB29-Mar-21236Download
85Tender for Resistivity Measurement System121.5 KB29-Mar-21190Download
86Tender for Networking Items
197.5 KB24-Mar-21289Download
87Tender Notice607.78 KB24-Mar-21214Download
88Tender for Photocopier Machine
94.5 KB24-Mar-21158Download
89Tender for Furniture Items
102.5 KB24-Mar-21241Download
90Tender for Electronics Items
102.5 KB24-Mar-21238Download
91Tender for Antennas, Blade RF & Low Noise Amplifier & Power Amplifier
113 KB24-Mar-21208Download
92Tender for Furnace132 KB24-Mar-21258Download
93Tender Notice - 19-03-2153.5 KB19-Mar-21299Download
94Tender for All in One Business PC and Laptop
110.5 KB12-Mar-21268Download
95Tender for Planetary Ball Mill
107.5 KB09-Mar-21236Download
96Tender for Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse & Work Station
127 KB09-Mar-21194Download
97Tender Notice - 9-Mar-2152.5 KB09-Mar-21214Download
98Tender for Oscilloscope121 KB09-Mar-21271Download
99Tender Notice - 09-03-2149 KB09-Mar-21148Download
100Tender for Compact Platform Nano Indentation Tester Along With Micro Scratch TEster Module-1540213.84 KB05-Mar-21246Download
101Tender for Probe Thin Film Analyser
LIT # 2021-132
108 KB03-Mar-21247Download
102Tender for Magnetometer
LIT # 2021-127
109 KB03-Mar-21237Download
103Tender Notice318.62 KB03-Mar-21165Download
LIT-IST DIV-2021-144
1.09 MB26-Feb-21258Download
105Tender for Misc. Furniture Items
LIT # 2021-144
257.5 KB26-Feb-21273Download
106Tender for Misc. Electronics Items
121.5 KB25-Feb-21263Download
107Tender for Misc. Electrical Items
133.5 KB25-Feb-21242Download
108Tender for GPS Receiver, HOLOLENS & LED TV
111.5 KB25-Feb-21173Download
109Tender for Computer
108.5 KB25-Feb-21235Download
110Tender for Computer
112 KB25-Feb-21185Download
111Tender for Antennas, Blade RF & Low Noise Amplifier & Power Amplifier
113 KB25-Feb-21209Download
112Tender Notice989.26 KB25-Feb-21165Download
113Tender Notice -Furnishing of Lecture Halls - Block VII at IST 68.27 KB24-Feb-21135Download
114Tender for Annual Service Maint of FESEM108.5 KB23-Feb-21155Download
115Tender for Thermoelectric Properties Measurement System120.5 KB23-Feb-21167Download
116Invitation to Bid258.16 KB16-Feb-21246Download
117Repair and Renovation of Labs at IST, Islamabad16-Feb-21187
118Roll-UP Blind-LIT # 2021-14595.5 KB16-Feb-21165Download
119Tender for Lathe Machine124 KB11-Feb-21246Download
120Tender Notice - 04-02-2149 KB11-Feb-21187Download
121Annual Services and Maintenance Contract for Otis Lifts at IST, Islamabad90 KB10-Feb-21150Download
122Tender for Misc. Electronics Items121 KB10-Feb-21268Download
123Tender for Chair & Office Table120.5 KB10-Feb-21148Download
124Tender Notice345.78 KB10-Feb-21199Download
125Renovation & Upgradation of Faculty Suites – Phase II 10-Feb-21142
126AUCTION NOTICE-IST-202141.49 KB10-Feb-21143Download
127Tender for Thermoelectric Properties Measurement System128.5 KB20-Jan-21381Download
128Tender for Bet Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer126.5 KB20-Jan-21246Download
129Tender Notice - 15-01-2149 KB20-Jan-21313Download
130Tender Notice - 21-01-2149 KB20-Jan-21273Download
131Tender Notice344 KB15-Jan-21229Download
132Tender for Software Defined Radio Dongle With GNSS Antenna108 KB15-Jan-21191Download
133Tender for Chair & Office Table120 KB15-Jan-21198Download
134Tender for Software120 KB14-Jan-21304Download
135Tender for Computer with LED120 KB14-Jan-21236Download
136Tender for Computer & UPS125 KB14-Jan-21271Download
137Tender for Camera & LED TV125.5 KB14-Jan-21214Download
138Tender Notice182.31 KB14-Jan-21270Download
139Civil Works at IT Offices –Block VI13-Jan-21260
140Tender for Computer & Laptop144 KB11-Jan-21261Download
141Tender for Computer127.5 KB11-Jan-21162Download
142Tender for Computer With LED & Photocopier Machine110.5 KB11-Jan-21181Download
143Tender for Antennas, Blade RF & Low Noise Amplifier & Power Amplifier112.5 KB11-Jan-21189Download
144Tender Notice 11-Jan-2152.5 KB11-Jan-21176Download
145Tender for Universal Testing Machine123 KB08-Jan-21331Download
146Tender for Software121.5 KB08-Jan-21268Download
147Tender for Pneumatic Trainer with Air Compressor123.5 KB08-Jan-21230Download
148Tender for Plasma Arc Spray Gun121 KB08-Jan-21210Download
149Tender for Hydraulics Trainer Learning System125 KB08-Jan-21219Download
150Tender for Furnace129.5 KB08-Jan-21292Download
151Tender for Electro-Pneumatic Trainer With Pneumatic Learning System Along With Air Compressor125 KB08-Jan-21239Download
152Tender Notice - 06-01-2156 KB08-Jan-21230Download