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Center for Vibration Testing and Condition Monitoring


Center for Vibration Testing and Conditioning Monitoring (CVCM) provides an opportunity of exploration and revelation in the field of vibrations and acoustics together with solutions to local industry and R&D organizations. The Center is equipped with state-of–the-art equipment for real-time analysis. The structural integrity, durability and strength of different components of machines are analyzed under different loading conditions evading unnecessary machine overhauls. Furthermore, condition monitoring techniques augment machine efficiency and operation time evading expensive equipment damage by continuously monitoring the performance of critical components. CVCM aims towards the prevision of sustainable solutions in critical areas meeting the industrial demands and futuristic needs.

The Vibration Testing and Condition Monitoring (VTCM) have been recognized as a tool promising safety and efficacy in complex parts over the past few decades leading towards innovation and modernization. We, at CVCM, aim comprehensive failure prevention by providing solutions after classifying failure initiation, mode of failure and root causes of failure through vibration testing. For quality ensurance, all the tests are conducted under ISO standard 10816 and 2372. CVCM offers many services as per the significance of vibration diagnostic and control techniques using principals of vibration, signals processing and data acquisition as follows:

  • Vibration Analysis
  • Structural Heath Monitoring
  • Failure and Fracture Analysis
  • Composite Health Monitoring
  • Stability
  • Damping and Isolation Systems
  • Non-Destructive Testing