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Space is considered to be the final frontier and world’s best minds take up the most daunting challenges to conquer itFazeel Mahmood Khan, PhD
The past century has been host to many technological advancements resulting in a gradual progression towards the betterment of society. Space science as such, has been a vital force behind this advancement and has revolutionized the process of advancement.

Institute of Space Technology (IST), one of the premier institutes in Pakistan, is a federally chartered, HEC recognized and PEC accredited, degree awarding Institute (DAI) established in 2002 with the aim to equip students with specialized education in the fields of Engineering and Space Science to address the emerging national and global issues in the said fields. All courses taught at IST are in line with international standards and aim to develop critical thinking and analytical skills among the students. Backed by a dedicated and highly qualified faculty, state-of-the-art facilities give students all the tools necessary for them to become experts in their field of studies.

IST has achieved an astounding success in a short span of time, owing to the concerted efforts of its leadership, faculty and students to standout in the field of engineering and to create a national center of excellence in space technology. Today, IST is proud to consider itself a leader in Space Science and Technology and is now ranked among the leading engineering universities/DAIs of Pakistan. A unique honor of IST is that it is the only university of Pakistan that has sent a satellite (iCUBE-1) to the Lower Earth Orbit (LEO). Likewise, all Engineering Programs of IST are accredited Under Level-II, Substantially equivalent to Washington Accord by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). That means Engineering Degree from IST is equivalent to Engineering Degree from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan and several other Signatory countries. All science programs offered by IST are also versatile in nature to meet the ongoing demands & requirements of local & international markets.

IST believes in contributing to the overall growth and progress of the society. Keeping in perspective its vision, IST organizes numerous National & International events, training and workshops for capacity building of students, faculty and general masses which include World Space Week (WSW), IST Youth Carnival (IYC), Space Summer School (SSS), International Conference on Aerospace Science and Engineering (ICASE), Student Research Paper Conference (SRPC) etc.

At IST, Department of Student Affairs is specifically targeted at enriching on-campus students’ experience through its following working domains to ensure that students can attain utmost level of professionalism, ethics and morals during and after their stay at IST:

  • Career Counseling
  • Student Societies
  • Student Discipline
  • Internship & Placement
  • Media & Outreach
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Alumni Affairs
  • Community Services
  • Space Awareness & Popularization

Umeed is an educational awareness and community building society which is run by the students of IST. It has undertaken various welfare projects related with education, infrastructure, health and well-being in under privileged government-run schools. With efforts increasing each day, Umeed strives to eliminate the hurdles in the path of basic education for the less privileged segment of the society. IST was the first & only university from Pakistan which had been awarded “Yousif Badri Civic Engagement International Prize-2016” in recognition of efforts undertaken by Umeed.

IST is making continuous efforts to reach a level where it will be compared with best universities of the world in terms of quality education and research.