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Established in 2010 in the Institute of Space Technology (IST), the Department of Humanities plays a central role in diversifying the focused STEM based academics of the university. In nurturing core skills for personal development within students, the department serves a vital supportive role. The societies we live in also keep changing, in part, because of science and technology. So, in certain important ways, humans resist the kind of explanations that science gives us, yet the multidisciplinary nature of the humanities provide us an outlet to further address and understand these changes beyond a scientific approach. The humanities have always been more about questions than answers, and students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills by evaluating the world around them. Capitalizing on this, the Department of Humanities leads the growth for both students and faculty in expanding the representation of the social sciences on a national level. Overall, the humanities faculty is committed towards leading an unprecedented shift towards innovative citizenship and create new inroads for social arts and scholarship. In juxtaposing science with humanities, we hope to create leaders that will reshape and evolve the academic conversation.