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The Faculty Department of Mechanical Engineering

Yumna Qureshi

Yumna Qureshi

Assistant Professor

PhD, ENSTA Bretagne France
Area of Specialization:Mechanics of solids, materials, structures and surfaces
HEC Approved Ph.D Supervisor


Dr. Yumna Qureshi is a dedicated researcher and Assistant Professor specializing in the field of Mechanics of Solid, Materials, Structures and Surfaces with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Her research interests span smart/functional materials, nanocomposites, and additive manufacturing, resulting in high-impact factor publications and international conference presentations. She excels in teaching Engineering Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials and Mechanics of Machines, fostering critical thinking and skill development. Driven by the desire to bridge academia and society, she actively engages in interdisciplinary collaborations and mentors aspiring scholars.