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Mechanical Engineering finds many applications in all fields of technology. Mechanical Engineers could work in government departments, private or public sector industries of various types. Strategic organizations could also hire Mechanical Engineers for their design and development projects in which candidates are trained according to their needs.

Mechanical Engineers are required in oil exploration & refining, steel plants, electronics & robotics, space research organizations, technical wings of armed forces and many more. Aeronautical, agricultural, chemical, railways, bio-medical, textile, automobile and power plants require mechanical engineers to design and maintain their machinery. Mechanical Engineers play a significant role in agricultural sector such as maintenance of tractors, oil engines, pump sets, electric motors and other agricultural equipment. In addition, Mechanical Engineers have numerous job placements in marine engineering as cadets, marine engineers or navigating officers. Candidates with higher degree or an additional degree in management could find work in managerial & administration positions in public and private sector industries or government departments or could do research plus teaching in research and teaching organizations or could work as independent consultant.