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MS Mechanical Engineering (Fluid & Thermal Systems)

Fluid and Thermal System (FTS) program aims to impart the understanding of intensely practical, design-oriented engineering problems pertaining to the technical challenges of the country facing nowadays. We aim to grow and evoke the rational skills that will help in solving the multi-disciplinary engineering problems. This program focuses on various advanced courses such as thermal system design, combustion, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and computational fluid dynamics to prepare the graduate to create innovative new products and solutions to real world problems.

This field of specialization is diverse which involves experimental, analytical and numerical investigations in the following areas:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • HVAC and Refrigeration
  • Thermal Design of Heat Exchanger
  • Thermal Systems Design
  • Fluid Structure Interactions
  • Combustion
  • Turbomachinery

This program enables the graduates apply their knowledge and skills to develop the effective, efficient and environmental friendly systems. 

First Semester
  Core 1 3-0
  Core 2 3-0
  Elective 1 3-0
Second Semester
  Core 3 3-0
  Core 4 3-0
  Elective 2 3-0
Third Semester
  Elective 3 3-0
  Elective 4 3-0
Fourth Semester

Core Courses
Advanced Heat & Mass Transfer 3--0
Advanced Fluid Mechanics 3--0
Computational Fluid Dynamics 3--0
Gas Dynamics 3--0
Special Course in Fluid Thermal Systems 3--0
Elective Courses
Thermal Design of Heat Exchanger 3--0
Advanced Thermodynamics 3--0
Design of Thermal Systems 3--0
Finite Element Methods 3--0
Theory of Thermal Stresses 3--0
Advanced Combustion 3--0
Aircraft Engines 3--0
HVAC & Refrigeration 3--0
Nuclear (Engineering) (exclude Power Plants)  3--0
Energy Conversion & Prime Movers 3--0
Turbo Machinery 3--0
Alternate Energy Resources 3--0
Fluid Structure Interactions 3--0
Vacuum Science & Technology 3--0
Fluid Dynamics Measurements 3--0
Production & Operations Management 3--0
Internal Combustion Engines 3--0
Fluid Power & Hydraulic Machine Design 3--0
Viscous Fluids 3--0
Heat Transfer in Electronic Systems 3--0
Partial Differential Equations 3--0
  • BS/ BE/ equivalent (16 Years of education) with a strong background in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering with minimum CGPA = 2.00 out of 4.00 or 60% marks (where CGPA not available) from HEC and PEC (where applicable) recognized Institute/University or from Foreign Institute/University of good repute.
  • GAT-A (General) conducted by NTS in the relevant field of study with = 50% marks or HAT (General) conducted by HEC in the relevant field of study with = 50% marks or GRE International (General) conducted by ETS, USA, with minimum score as Quantitative: 145, Verbal: 145, Analytical: 3.5