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National Centre for Remote Sensing and Geo-informatics

Message from HoD

Remote sensing and GIS applications are becoming popular in local and federal government agencies, non-governmental organizations, private sector, and more recently at the individual level. Geospatial information is driving a broad spectrum of decision-making in many disciplines. Some of the major tasks, that are employing geospatial data and tools, include land-use and town planning, environmental monitoring and impact assessment, natural hazards and disasters mapping, utility resource management and agriculture, and studying the causes and consequences of global climate change. The use of geospatial technology is expanding in many other fields as well like network designing, human health, real estate, etc. Since the establishment of National Centre for Remote Sensing and Geo-informatics (NCRG), our primary goal is to train future leaders with high-quality professional education in geospatial technologies and its applications. The aim of the Department of Remote Sensing and Geo-information Science (RS&GISc) is to disseminate professional knowledge through quality teaching, research and its applications in various disciplines. In our creative and attractive curriculum, we strive to integrate the latest developments in remote sensing, GIS, spatial programming and modelling through advanced research techniques.

Our dedicated faculty graduated from world renowned universities nurtures our leading-edge research programs in remote sensing, GIS, geo-informatics, spatial programming, and modelling etc. We strive to ensure that our graduates will have a strong education with leadership, internship experience, management and teaming skills, and involvement in curriculum and co-curriculum activities. We commend that highlighting these areas will make our graduates well-qualified to take leadership roles in the future. We attempt to provide our graduates with a cheerful, productive and satisfying experience at all levels of their study program to explore the amazing world of geospatial technologies and its applications. With this, we welcome you all to NCRG at the Institute of Space Technology.

Muhammad Ateeq Qureshi
Head of Department