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Message from HoD

“The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AM&S) of the Institute of Space Technology (IST), Islamabad, is the most productive department of IST in terms of its graduate programs (MS and PhD) with very prominent and most demanded interdisciplinary streams: Computational Fluid Dynamics/Fluid Mechanics, Computational Mathematics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Cryptography, Group Theory and Generalization, Algebra/Algebraic Geometry, and Applied Statistics. The undergraduate program in BS-Mathematics has three streams: BS-Mathematics, Mathematics with Data Science and BS-Mathematics with Artificial Intelligence. These modified and highly marketable streams based on cutting-edge technologies enhance the uniqueness of our undergraduate program and shaping the future of students. We started our journey in 2014. Since the beginning, we have been focusing on our students to make them highly marketable in view of modern challenges. Our graduates have been serving in strategic and non-strategic national and international organizations because of their strong background in computational/simulations and mathematical knowledge and skills. AM&S has experienced, dedicated, and passionate faculty who has a hand in modern research and quality teaching per global educational standards and is contributing to the socio-economic development of Pakistan through impactful research and outcomes-based academic practices. As a result, we are producing scientists and engineers fully equipped with modern mathematics tools and knowledge with strong understanding towards real world and engineering problems.

The AM&S faculty is committed to transferring knowledge to engineering and science students through a modern interdisciplinary curriculum that leads them towards publishing excellent impactful research related to engineering research problems. AM&S faculty have research linkages and collaborations with leading international universities and organizations. Through its conducive learning environment, AM&S provides the highest zenith of learning to its students, due to which its PhD and MS students have secured postdoctoral and doctoral positions in highly ranked international institutions.”

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nawaz
Head of Department