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MS - Mathematics

The mission of the MS-Mathematics degree program in the Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics is to prepare graduate manpower to pursue advanced degrees or serve at entry-level employment in interdisciplinary fields related to mathematics, engineering and academia to cater to national demands.

The MS-graduates should be able to
  • PEO-1: apply knowledge of mathematics and related skills in carrying out original research in mathematics and interdisciplinary fields.
  • PEO-2: contribute to the community as a responsible member with ethical values in their individual capacities as well as in team work.
  • PEO-3: engage themselves in activities that help them in pursuit of learning, self-improvement, and enhancement of professional and intellectual abilities in their specialized areas.
The department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics is offering MS and PhD programs. The fields of specialization for MS/PhD programs are given below:
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Fluid Mechanics/Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Cryptography
  • Algebra (Group Theory and Generalization, Algebraic Geometry)
  • Statistics (Applied Statistics, Bayesian and Monte Carlo Statistics, Sampling Techniques, Quality Control)
S No Course Name Credit Hr
Semester I
This semester contains the advanced courses of Applied Mathematics Following courses will be offered in semester:
1 Core-I 03
2 Core-II 03
3 Core-III 03
Semester II
This semester contains the foundation courses of Nonlinear Dynamics Following courses will be offered in semester:
1 Core-IV 03
2 Core-V 03
3 Elective-I 03
Semester III
This semester contains the foundation courses of Specialized area Following courses will be offered in semester:
1 Elective-II 03
2 Elective-III 03
3 Thesis-I
Semester IV
This semester contains only the research work Following courses are being offered in semester:
1 Thesis-II 06
  • BS/ BE/ equivalent (16 Years of education) with a strong background in Mathematics/Applied Physics/Space Science or BE in any engineering discipline (with at least C+ in mathematics courses) or MA/MSc. in Mathematics or MA/MSc. in Applied Physics/Space Science (having BSc. with Mathematics A&B) with minimum CGPA = 2.00 out of 4.00 or= 60% marks(where CGPA not available) from HEC and PEC(where applicable)recognized Institute/University or from Foreign Institute/University of good repute.
  • GAT (General) conducted by NTS in the relevant field of study with = 50% marksorHAT (General) conducted by HEC in the relevant field of study with = 50% marksorGRE International (General) conducted by ETS, USA, with minimum score as Quantitative: 150, Verbal: 150, Analytical: 3.5