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Message from HoD Avionics Engineering Department

Avionics Engineering is a relatively new but increasingly popular program at the Institute of Space Technology. The program was initially started under the auspices of the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2015, but with an exponential growth in its popularity amongst freshmen and increasing relevance to the changing technological landscape, it has been granted a full-fledged department status in 2020.

To remain true to our ethos of knowledge innovation, we have acquired the services of outstanding faculty who, along with the necessary academic credentials, have vast experience of research and development in the field of avionics systems. This perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience has allowed the nascent department to inherent a privileged reputation for quality teaching and solution oriented research.

Now that we stand at the cusp of the era of ubiquitous autonomous systems, this department intends to lead from the front. Avionics Engineering is a technological domain in which feedback control, communication, multi-physics sensors, embedded systems, integrated RF front ends, next generation air traffic management systems, and AI/ML based systems empower fully autonomous operations of airborne & space borne platforms, enabling futuristic concepts of urban air mobility to become a reality, with hitherto unprecedented full spectrum situational awareness along with extreme maneuverability. If this description sets your “intellectual pulse” racing, then the Department of Avionics Engineering is for you.

A bold and glorious future beckons and I invite you to be a part of that glorious future!

Israr Hussain
Head of Department
Avionics Engineering Department