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IST Library is integrated with digital technology and electronic information resources. There is an active collection development program for IST Library. It has a dynamic collection of books, journals, magazines, related to various academic disciplines, which is supplemented by the availability of reprographic facility. The core design, furniture and general decor contribute to the formation of an intellectual environment that attracts students to study with concentration.

All functions of library including membership, searching, circulation and reservation of books, and searching of other library materials are fully automated. IST Library has a good collection of latest reference, text books and digital materials on related academic disciplines, which caters to the varied tastes of users. Moreover, a balanced collection of books on Islam, Literature and other areas are also available. Library also subscribes to a large number of journals, magazines and newspapers to meet the requirements of researchers, faculty members and students.

To enrich the library collection with latest online resources, available through Internet, publications from professional bodies are also accessible. Audio-visual material is considered an essential medium of instruction. Library has a good collection of audios, videos, CDs / DVDs and related audio / video devices. Reprographic facility is available with library. Users can get photocopy of required information from reference materials like reference books, handbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, journals and magazines etc.

The library services / facilities include Circulation, Reference, Audio Visual, On-line Information Retrieval, Current Awareness Service (CAS), Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), Book and other material Request, Online Reservation, Inter Library Loan, Plagiarism detection and prevention, and Orientation Sessions etc. The library's information and orientation program extends the role of library in ensuring that users make the most effective use of library resources. The program is designed to train the faculty members, students, and staff in locating printed and electronic knowledge resources to fulfill their information needs.