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Workshop on Characterization of Failure in Composites 21st December, 2017

Composite materials are designed to sustain a variety of loading conditions from static to dynamic including repetitive loads. Composite materials, in general and long fiber reinforced polymers in specific show certain telltale signs of damage particular to this class of materials based on the type and magnitude of the applied load. The modes and types of failure should be identifiable and characterizable to be included in the design process.

Course Content

  • Introduction to damage in composites
  • Identification of different types of damage
  • Modes of damage in long fiber composites
  • Dependence of damage modes and types on loading type
  • Characterization of damage based on modes and types
  • Design against the damage characteristics of composites

About Trainer

Dr. Owaisur Rahman Shah, presently working as Assistant Professor and Head R&D of Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been working in the field of composite structures design for the past 7 years. He has worked on several R&D projects for the defense departments both nationally and internationally, including structural design, naval structures, dynamic failure analysis, fracture mechanics and structural health monitoring of large composite and naval structures.


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