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International Workshop on Advanced Composites Design and Analysis 12-14 Dec, 2017

From the fabrication of human prosthetics to tennis rackets and from automobiles to boats, composite materials are being used as structural material in engineering products due to their superior physical and mechanical properties. However the design and analysis protocols of composite materials and structures are considerably more complex due to their anisotropic and heterogeneous nature. To achieve safe, reliable and efficient structural systems, the designer has to have a sound knowledge and viable grasp of the underlying principles of the micro-macro response of composite structure in varying conditions. This course aims to provide firm understanding about mechanics of composite materials using rule of mixture, thin laminate theory, and design guidelines to permit their efficient applications in engineering industries.

Primary Topics

  • Basic concepts, Role and Advantages; Composites.
  • Strength of Unidirectional Lamina
  • Elastic Behavior of Multidirectional Laminates 
  • Hygrothermal Response of Composites.
  • Failure Mechanics, Analysis and Strength Ratio. 
  • Composite/Sandwich Structures
  • Experimental/ Optical Testing Techniques.
  • Damage Tolerance, SHM and Smart Skins. 
  • Good Composites Design Practices; Mic Mac
  • Analysis of Composite Structures using FEM
  • FEM Prediction of Stiffened Composite Structures
  • Optimization of Composites Structures; MMF
  • Hands-On Computational Analysis /Case Studies

Principle Speakers

  • Professor Zaffar M. Khan, Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad 
  • Dr. Rizwan Saeed, University of Bath, UK, FEM Modeling of Stiffened Composite Panels*.
  • Dr. Ghulam Mustafa, University of Victoria, Canada, Optimization of Composite Structures*.
  • Dr. Faeq Sheikh, Consultant, Aircraft Manufacturing Company, USA*: FEM Modelling, Skype.


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