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Patent Desk - IST

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) play vital role in the exchange of wealth of knowledge and expertise between Industry & Academia to achieve the goal of socio-economic uplift of the country. IST has established Intellectual Property (IP) Desk under the ORIC department for IP management. It provides training sessions to raise awareness and importance about IPRs. The aforesaid office evaluates inventions for their commercial potential and facilitates filing of patents, industrial designs, trademarks and copyrights. So far, IST IP-Desk has filed Fourty (40) complete national patents, nine (9) provisional patents and four (4) trademarks at Intellectual Property Office (IPO) Pakistan, since its inception in 2015. 


Contact IST IP Desk 
Dr. Zahoor Sarwar                                                                         
Trainer & Consultant
                                                   Mr. Muhammad Arshad    
                                         Focal Person, TISC 
 Ph: 051-9075594                                                                                                                                                    Ph: 051-9075663
Complete Patents Filled (2015-18)                                                                                                                                                                 

Sr. No.   Patent Title
 1.  Automation of Hand Loom (Khaddi)
 2.  High Power Solenoid
 3.  Control Module
 4.  Remotely Controlled Smart Fabrics and Method of Adaptively Changing Color Schemes and Design Patterns
 5.  Shock Wave Defence Mechanism
 6.  A Stratospheric High Altitude Long-endurance Solar-powered Blended-wing UAV System
 7.  Environmental Protection Unit for Preserving Nature
 8.  Aircraft Fastener Failure Detection Method
 9.  Wiper-less Windshield Glass
 10.  Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Anechoic Chamber for Radar Cross Section Measurement
 11.  Design of Self Morph-able Wing Using Shape Memory Materials
 12.  Torsional Spring based Salter's Duck
 13.  Electromagnetic locking technology by using piezoelectric cantilevered sensor for human energy harvesting
 14.  Ceiling fans with an in-built miniature uninterruptible  power supply system
 15.  Fog dispersal mechanism using hygroscopic materials
 16.  Piezoelectric Shoe heaters 
 17.  Cricket Helmat with Serunch and Prune Zone
 18.  Smart Farmer's Booth in Agriculture Fields to Analyze and Predict Crop Health Using Remotely Sensed Data of Particular Fields
 19.  Airbone Astronomical Observatory (AIAO)
 20.  Water Quality Testing Contained
 21.  Absorption of Radiations through A Mixture of Lead Nano Particles and Carbon Nanotubes
 22.  Reducing Bird hitting By using filter and flash
 23.  Solar Powered Fans on Trailing Edge of Wings
 24.  Differential Balanced Segmented Hydrodynamic Cryogenic Seal
 25.  Extraction of Energy from the wake region behind aircraft by installing windmills alongside runways
 26.  UAV Real time environmental parameters sensor, controlled from inside of a Aircraft
 27.  An Electromechanical Oil Water Separator
 28.  Ceiling Fan Blades made of Bio-compatable composite using Biosynthesized fibers
 29.  Electroactive wing with variable camber and built in actuators
 30.  Smart Stove with single or multi burners
 31.  Aircraft Passenger Ejection using speed control propulsion jets
 32.  Pressure Reducer Device for Cryogenic Rocket Propulsion system
 33.  Coated lead wires mesh for deicing
 34.  Soft Lithography Derived Meta Materials
 35.  Miniature air suspended wide turbine with solar panel fabrication on lighter than air system
 36.  Utilizing Harvested Energy in Electronic Devices
 37.  Disinfecting Towel Drier
 38.  Synchronous Slotless Winding Machine
 39.  Biomedical Imaging System For Direct Detection of Peripheral Vascular Disorders and Cancer Diseases Using Deep Depletion Charge Coupled Device (DDCCD)
 40.  Smart Sensing Layer Deposited Via Serigrapohy