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Freshman Orientation Fall 2020

Welcome All Freshmen to the Institute of Space Technology (IST) and IST Virtual Orientation!

With the health and safety of the students, family members and IST community being paramount, IST has decided to conduct orientation lectures online for Fall 2020.

The Freshman Orientation program is envisioned to acclimate, transition and integrate new students to the institution, and life at IST while introducing them to the extensive educational opportunities at IST.

We at IST, are committed to provide new students and their families with a high-quality virtual orientation experience to provide timely and relevant information that is easily accessible while providing personal connections to IST.

Some components of the virtual orientation experience will still occur in real-time on the scheduled days via live feed, while most components will be self-paced and can be viewed throughout the Fall.

2020 Freshman Orientation Program
Kickstart Asynchronous Pre-orientation (September 10): Orientation agenda will be shared with Freshman to familiarize them with orientation activities and what to expect during the orientation. Pre-recorded videos/presentations will be shared that Freshmen can view whenever works best for them. This content will highlight resources and key information to help Freshmen get started.

The online orientation will take place during the two-day remote sessions designed to learn about IST and its resources.

Students are advised to view online lectures as per sequence given in the Orientation Schedule given at link

Freshmen can access online orientation modules including orientation videos/presentations, prospectus and student handbook via following links:

Freshmen Orientation Schedule
Academic Connection-I
Department of Student Affairs Orientation
IST Alumni
Community of Care
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Ethical Standards and Social Responsibility
Academic and Scholarly Integrity
Department of Avionics Engineering Orientation
Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics Orientation
NCRG Karachi Campus Orientation

Live sessions will be held to answer the queries of the students once they have viewed the lectures. The schedule of online live lectures will be disseminated to students, accordingly.

NOTE: Detailed information regarding the virtual orientation, gaining access to online platforms, and instructions on how to navigate those platforms will be shared with Freshmen directly via e-mail. Be sure to check your e-mail regularly for university and additional orientation information.