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Astronomy Camp at Institute of Space Technology

National Center of GIS and Space Applications, Institute of Space Technology (IST) is organizing the first ever Astronomy Camp at IST, Islamabad, Pakistan. The camp is engaging the students of grade 8 to 12 in enthralling domains of astronomy and astrophysics while addressing the major domains of fundamentals of astronomy, and observational as well as computational astronomy.

The one of a kind astronomy camp is spread over three evenings and uniquely crafted featuring interactive lectures, hands-on activities, stargazing & observational activities using advanced telescopes and binoculars. The camp also features introductory sessions of various astronomical software and tools used in observation and computation of astronomical data. This training activity will be a journey into the knowledge of the universe from ancient astronomy to the modern study of planetary systems, cosmology, black holes, dark matter and dark energy. Subject matter experts will cover fascinating topics like the origin of the universe, astronomical instruments, observing heavenly bodies in deep space, along with the hands-on activities including a specialized workshop on making and operations of telescopes.

Special observation sessions will be conducted in the IST Observatory which is hosting the largest telescope of Pakistan. Participants will have hands-on experience in operating and making stellar observations with the telescope.

The camp envisages to enhance the sparking interest of young space enthusiasts in the domains of space science, technology and its applications for socio-economic development. The three-day camp organized by Space Education Research Lab, NCGSA, IST will conclude on March 20, 2022.