Patent Desk - IST
IST has established Intellectual Property (IP) Desk under the ORIC department for IP management. This office evaluates inventions for their commercial potential and facilitates filing of patents, industrial designs, trademarks and copyrights. IST-IP-Desk performs following functions:
  • Support to researchers for patenting of their research and development work by proactively coordinating and communicating with IST faculty, students and researchers. 
  • IP Desk provides training sessions in collaboration with public and private organizations, to raise awareness about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). 
  • Provide assistance in drafting and filing for patents and design rights, copyrights and trademarks for different projects.
  • Initial prior search for patent and design rights. 
  • Assist in preparations of all related legal documents (e.g. patent application, trademark forms, MOUs etc.)
  • Maintain close liaison with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO Pakistan) and other related agencies.
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