The MS program in Remote Sensing and Geo-Information Science is designed for imparting expertise in the science, methods, and applications of these exponentially growing fields. The job market is vast and varied, with the growing need for experts in these fields in both the government and commercial sector. The nature of possible careers is spread over a wide canvas: research, planning and development, advising the decision-makers, or the application and service providing sector. Some of the options include:

  • Agriculture (crop planning, crop health monitoring, yield forecasting)
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Geology (mineral exploration, earthquake prediction and mapping)
  • Water Resources: (snow melt monitoring and melt-water estimation, flood mapping, monitoring and prediction, irrigation planning and monitoring)
  • Urban Planning and Monitoring (city planning, transportation & utility network planning)
  • Revenue and Tax Collection
  • Mapping
  • Meteorology and Climatology
  • Environment
  • Navigation and Tracking Applications
  • Location-based Services.
  • Social Sector (healthcare, public services, criminology)
  • Real Estate


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