MS in Information and Cyber Security

In today’s world Information alone has emerged as the most important asset for many organizations. It is considered as important an asset as capital or work. Many experts believe that the threat of Information warfare is to 21st century, what the threat of nuclear warfare was to the 20th century. The three primary methods by which information systems are protected are authorization, message filtration, and ensuring the integrity of core processes.
However, the fact that information can be generated world-wide and can be accessed over the internet has spawned new challenges in the field of Information & Cyber security. The challenge is even more pressing since the hacker/cyber-terrorist need not to physically intrude into the organization’s premises; rather the security breach attacks can be launched with the mere availability of an internet connection, while sitting on the opposite side of the globe. On one hand the world is becoming more and more dependent on automation, for instances, in terms of online-banking, payroll, air-craft control systems etc, while on the other hand, organizations are finding it more difficult to deny unauthorized access, secure information and protect against malicious activities.
As computers become smarter, more sophisticated, and more flexible, they will become more like humans. They will acquire the reliable information security provisions that and will begin to ingest information at the semantic level from outside sources, and will thus be heir to more subtle but no less problematic forms of information warfare.

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