SAMPE Student Chapter Inaugural Meeting held at Institute of Space Technology, Pakistan

The Society for the Advancement in Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE®) is an international professional society for scientists, engineers, Industrialists and academicians. It provides information on latest materials design & manufacturing and up-to date modern processing technology. It encompasses all fields of engineering and manufacturing ranging from aerospace products to automotive parts. The SAMPE’s strength lies in its chapters. There are professional and student member chapter across the globe, promoting knowledge transfer, innovation and information on various commercial and industrial application of material and processing engineering technology. SAMPE has its own Career Centre, which also provides opinions about the well-being of its member career development.

The Institute of Space Technology (IST) is a public sector degree awarding university that was established through presidential ordinance in 2003. It rose to #4 engineering institution by Higher Education Commission and is signatory to Washington accord agreement, Composite materials design, analysis, manufacturing, processing is taught both at undergraduate and graduate program but there was no SAMPE Chapter to bring them on same platform. Prof Zaffar M. Khan has pioneered the composite materials science and technology through teaching, organizing seminars, workshops, symposiums, publications in peer reviewed journals, conference proceedings, book chapters and real life all composite product development in this region. He has conceived establishing the student chapter of SAMPE at IST to bring together all composites enthusiasts on same platform for quick commercialization of composites technology, Sep 2013. The firm support, assistance and encouragement by Steve Rodger, Michelle Tubb and Imran Rehman in this regard greatly helped in establishing the student chapter of SAMPE at IST in 2015. The SAMPE will provide a platform not only for IST students but also for students from other engineering universities and industries. This chapter will provide opportunities to students to enhance their professional career through interaction with composites experts. 

The first Inaugural session was held on 12th April 2016 in Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad Pakistan. This gathering was attended by students, faculty members and Research Scientists from field of Aerospace, Materials and Mechanical Engineering background. The session was coordinated by Dr. Nazakat Ali. Session started with Introduction to SAMPE session of student Chapter by Engr. Ghufran ur Rehman to give an audience a clear picture of the aim & goals and benefits of the SAMPE student chapter. Professor Khan delivered an interesting session about nature, advantages, industrial & commercial applications of composites. The invited lecture on Design and Analysis of Composites was delivered Dr Rizwan Saeed as Guest Speaker from Capital University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad. Dr Rizwan shared his professional experiences, skills and expertise in area of modelling and simulation of composites through finite element analysis. He gave detailed overview about the design and analysis of composite material using cost effective simulation and computation technology on micro, macro and meso levels. The audience responded with great enthusiasm and showed interest throughout the session. Tea and cookies were served in the end of technical session. The students and researchers discussed their queries and topics with the professionals and guests speaker.  The technical session ended with a group photograph in the end. The overall impression of the participants about Inaugural session of student chapter of SAMPE-IST was very productive and a fruitful one.

Prof Zaffar M. Khan

  • Tuesday, February 17, 2015 
    Dear faculty members and students,
    I am pleased to inform you about establishment of Founding Chapter of Society of Advanced Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE), USA at IST at specially discounted student rate of US$10 as indicated in attachment. I must thank the founding graduate students from my previous MS class who took the initiative of establishing the chapter. The SAMPE management have added an option to the online sign-up form for a student membership, just for students in Pakistan. They will send one journal to IST library for every 10 students that join. However, all students will receive access to the digital version of the journal. Every member also receives free access to SAMPE technical library to have better performance during their research projects and home assignments. Here is the link they can use to join: or

    The multifunctional engineering materials have wide ranging applications in all fields such as aerospace, electrical, computer, mechanical, materials, automobile, civil and other fields. The membership of this esteemed body will benefit all faculty and students. I will appreciate maximum membership of SAMPE so that IST could emerge as hub of R&D on global level. Pl send your registration slips to Dr Nazakat so that we could inform you about forth coming activities.
  • Tuesday, October 28, 2014 

    The society for advanced materials and process engineering (SAMPE) is actively involved in process design, manufacturing and development of advanced materials and composites, SAMPE is also helping the students in their research projects, All the students are encouraged to apply for registration
    The registration fee is USD 20 and forward registration deposited slip.

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