PhD Research Projects
  • Online Health monitoring of smart structure using Nano Sensors 
  • Design Fabrication analysis of photonic device and Nano Structures (Download Thesis)
  • Flow induced vibration
BS and MS Research Projects
  • Smart composite materials based on carbon fiber nano piezoelectric sensors.
  • Characterization of honeycomb sandwich composites by mechanical testing.
  • Fractographic analysis of carbon fiber composite materials using scanning electron microscopy.
  • Effect of Nanocarbon particles on electromagnetic properties of composites.
  • Development of radar absorbing and transmitting nomax honeycomb sandwich panel. 
  • Effect of Post cure on Mechanical Properties of Sandwich Structures.
  • Effect of Processing Technique on Void Contents of Composite Structures
  • Flow Induced Mechanical Vibrations in Heat Exchangers**
  • Characterization of Composite Materials by Mechanical Testing*
  • Stress Analysis of Composite Semi Spherical Shell under Impact Loading*
  • Converging-Diverging Nozzle Design by Method of Characteristics in C-language*
  • Design and Development of Ballistic Protection Systems, NIJ Level-IIIA
  • Stress Analysis in Pressure Vessel using Strain Gauges.
  • On-line Crack Detection Technique for Inspection of Pipes and Pressure Vessels.
  • Strain Gauge & Photo Elastic Stress Analysis of Automobile Components.
  • Development of Car Bumper from Polymer Composite Materials.

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