Zainab Naseer
To Determine the Effect of Graphene on Mechanical Properties of Nomex Sandwich Panel
  Taimoor Khan 
Design Optimization of Aerospace Composite Structures Using Screen Printed Sensors
As Advanced Composites having superior physical and mechanical properties are being developed; the optimization of its design parameters is eagerly by carried out. The research involves the development of Screen-Printed Sensors having Carbon nano particles reinforced in them. The sensors are pasted on the laminate and the stresses are applied under different loads. Then The Thin Laminate theory is used to determine the ply Stresses and strength ratio. This will help in optimizing the design of Composite Structures.
  Sheraz Ahmed
3D-Near-field-electrospinning, an innovative step towards Smart & Piezoresistive Nanofibers, Merging 3D printing and electrospinning & Production of smart filaments for 3D printed composites using conductive fillers with plastic extrusion method

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